S3 Company Principles

The Stormwater Solutions You Need, When You Need Them.

Stormwater Solutions Source, LLC (S3) an LB Water affiliated company, is founded on the same business practices, and principles as LB Water. Since 1970, LB Water has offered consistent commitment to service, support, and product excellence. The honesty, integrity and pride in which these practices and principles are performed are the foundation for S3.

S3’s commitment to offer the best solutions to the stormwater needs of its customer with technology, management practices, and superior products will propel it to become the supplier of choice in the mid-Atlantic stormwater marketplace.

Customer Bill of Rights

Our customers have the right:

To be greeted with a polite and positive attitude on the phone and in person.

To be treated with respect, courtesy, and appreciation at all times.

To receive expert knowledge and guidance directly from our staff.

To get prompt, accurate, and complete deliveries on schedule.

To timely service during business hours and to emergency after hour contacts.

To immediate corrections of mistakes and problems.

To receive accurate and properly labeled invoicing that is easily understood.

To product training for their personnel.

To their own beliefs and opinions.

To our untiring devotion, gratitude, honesty, and loyalty.

And to our lasting friendship.