Why Work for LB Water?

You’ll Be an Owner of the Company

You won’t just work for LB Water. You’ll own part of the company. Because we’re 100-percent employee owned, you’ll join approximately 200 other employee-owners and receive an equal share in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

You’ll Join a Culture of Appreciation, Loyalty, Courtesy, and Respect

At LB Water, we take pride in our company and in our people. We live and operate according to values instilled in us by our founder, Lehman Mengel – values of appreciation, loyalty, courtesy and respect. Our Customer Bill of Rights is based on these principles, and that is our commitment to you as well.

You’ll Be a Part of a Supportive, Customer-Focused Team

We’re a great team of people who are dedicated to helping each other reach a common goal: achieving consistent customer satisfaction.

You’ll Have a Voice in Company Decisions

LB Water employees participate on committees that make decisions affecting everything from company performance and employee health, to strategic direction and planning.

You’ll Have Opportunities for Self-Improvement and Growth

Your self-improvement matters to us. We lead the industry when it comes to proprietary product knowledge and application, and we vow to provide you with the expert training you need to succeed.

We also take pride in our ability to create new solutions and invent new ways of serving our customers. You’ll have the chance to help us do that.

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