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LB Water Richmond located in Chester, VA  is one of eight convenient locations where you can get the expertise and access to a large inventory of products for your waterworks infrastructure needs. Since 1970, LB Water has been providing industry expertise along with products to solve any and all challenges on your waterworks projects. From pre-bid, bid, award and delivery, let LB Water be your supplier of choice to ensure project success.

"We make water work by delivering the information
and products you need when you need them."

LB Water Products in Richmond, VA


Ductile Iron Pipe
- Push-on, flanged, restrained & mechanical joint ends w/specified coatings
PVC Pipe
- Pressure IPS, C-900/C-909, non-pressure SDR-35/26 gasket, ribbed & profile wall, SCH-40 & 80
HDPE Pipe & Tubing
- Corrugated storm pipe, municipal-industrial DR-rated IPS & DIPS
Corrugated Metal Pipe
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe
Copper Tubing
Steel Pipe
- Black iron, galvanized & stainless steel

Fittings & Connections

Ductile Iron
- Push-on, flanged, restrained & mechanical joint ends w/specified coatings
PVC Fittings
- Pressure IPS, C-900/C-909, non-pressure SDR-35/26 gasket, ribbed profile wall. SCH-40 & 80, w/gasket, solvent & threaded ends
- Black iron, galvanized & stainless steel
Brass Bronze (no lead or lead)
- Compression, threaded & solder
- Municipal-industrial DR-rated IPS & DIPS butt & electro fusion
- Groove joint fittings
Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel Coupling
- Transition, reducing, flanging, repairing compression couplings for multiple pipe sizes & types
Pipe Fitting Restraints
- MJ wedge restraints, pipe joint restraining systems


Ductile Iron Body Gate, Butterfly & Plug
- Flanged & mechanical joint ends w/ manual & power actuated
Brass Bronze Body (no lead or lead)
- Ball, gate & check w/compression, threaded & solder ends
PVC Body
- Ball check w/solvent threaded ends
Stainless Steel
- Ball & check w/threaded ends
Check Valve
- Iron body w/LW & LS, iron body w/rubber flapper, wafer type
Backflow Prevention
Double check & reduced pressure zone type
Automatic Control
- Pressure reducing & relief, altitude control, air & vacuum
Tapping Sleeve/Valve
- Ductile iron & stainless steel
Pinch, Flap & Knife Valves
Valve & Curb Box
- Plastic & cast iron roadway & service boxes
Parts & Accessories


Fire Hydrant
- Traffic type, riser extensions, repair parts
Yard Type/Flushing/Blow-Off/Sampling
Fire Protection Specialties
- Adapters & fire dept. connections
Parts Accessories

Water Meter Technology

Sensus Meter Systems*
- Positive Displacement Type, I-PERL, OMNI (turbine, compound & fire line)
- ACCUMAG (Magnetic flow), AMR-AMI remote reading systems
*Available in PA, MD and DE
Meter Setting Equipment
- Indoor meter horns, valves & connections, outdoor pre-plumbed meter pits
Parts Accessories

Water Specialty Products

Leak Detection & Line Locating Systems
Utility Marking Systems
- Marking tape, locating wire & marking posts
Pipe Protection
- Poly-wrap encasement, cathodic systems
Pipe Hanger & Support Systems
Casing Spacer & End Seal
- Stainless steel & PE spacers
Modular Seal & Wall Sleeve
- Steel & plastic wall sleeve
Liquid Chemical Feed Systems
- Chemical pumps & tanks, dechlorination equipment
Pressure & Vacuum Gauges
EZ Valve
-Supply & contract 4” & larger installation of line valves on pressurized pipelines
Bentonite Products for Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications

Sanitary Sewer &  Stormwater pecialty Products

Lateral & Crawler Camera Systems
Municipal Castings

- Manhole, stormwater & cleanout frames w/lids
Floor & Trench Drains
PVC Drain Basin & CI Grates
Sewage Pump
- Residential effluent pump (centrifugal & grinder) systems, tanks & controls
Flexible Pipe Couplings
Asphalt Repair Materials
Hydraulic Cement

Erosion Control Products

Palletized Siltsoxx
Silt Fence
- Super silt & safety
Rolled Erosion Control Products
Geotextiles Soil Stabilization Fabrics
Geogrid-Triaxal & Biaxal Products
Storm Inlet Filter Protection Pump Filter Bags


Marking Paint & Flagging
Valve & Curb Keys
Sewer Line Testing Plugs & Equipment
PVC Pipe Glue & Cleaner & Lubricants
Pipe Wrenches & Waterworks Hand Tools
Pipe & Valve Lifting Tools
Service Line Drilling & Tapping Tools
Water/Sewer Hydrostatic & Vacuum Testing Equipment

Specialty Services

Fusion Equipment Rental
- Butt & electro fusion pipe equipment rental
Live Tapping Service
- ¾” thru 12” outlet lateral connection Shop taps up to 2” NPT
Pre-Assembled Vaults
- Precast vault for meters & control valves pre-piped & tested
Control Valve Service
- Trained staff to service & repair various manufacturers of PRV & other styles of control valves
CAD Piping Layout Drawings

Inflow & Infiltration

Line & Leak Detection
- Radio pipe locating, metal locating & leak locating/correlation equipment
Mainline Sewer Camera with Lateral Launch
Manhole - Inserts, Risers, Encapsulation Systems
Chimney Seals - Internal & External, Riser Cap
Internal Injection Foam
Sound Locators

Serving the Richmond area and surrounding area, including:

  • North to Fredericksburg, west to Charlottesville, east to Norfolk and south to Emporia.