New Products

Siltron Advanced Silt Fence Layers


Siltron Advanced Silt Fence is a sediment control system designed to provide the highest level of environmental protection on a construction site.

VEPO CrossConnex


LB Water is now an authorized distributor of VEPO CrossConnex. The CrossConnex software is designed to help water utilities better manage backflow compliance efforts to ensure contaminants are not infiltrating their potable water networks.

Pathogen Detection Systems

Pathogen Detection Systems

We offer fully automated Pathogen Detection Systems which eliminates the need for human interaction and therefore removes the need for subjective, visual interpretation of the test results. Once the sample is placed in the unit no further involvement is required until the test is completed. An objective, written test report is produced for each sample tested and is sent out digitally via email.

Fusible HDPE Pipe

Fusible HDPE Pipe

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has a variety of unique properties, including a high strengthto-density ratio, which makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications. HDPE pipe has a smooth interior resulting in enhanced flow coefficiency and a lower tendency for turbulence. The flexibility of HDPE pipe may reduce the number of fittings required for the project; that combined with its durability and resistance to corrosion and chemicals makes it a long-term, cost-saving pipe system.

Brentwood Stormtank

Brentwood Stormtank®

StormTank Stormwater Storage System is a high-void, strong, affordable alternative to crushed stone, concrete structures or pipe chambers. The module design provides the maximum storage while minimizing the installation footprint to reduce construction costs and
freeing up valuable usable land. The open module design, with no partitions or walls between modules, allows for easy inspection and cleaning.

Romac Industries, INC. Alpha

  • Wide range covers DI through IPS PVC pipe diameters without having to change components.
  • One piece, stab-fit installation.
  • Cast components are high strength ductile iron.
  • Working pressure: up to 350 PSI.
  • Accommodates 8 degrees of deflection (4 degrees on each end).
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Patents Pending.