Siltron Advanced Silt Fence

Siltron Advanced Silt Fence
Sediment control system designed to provide the highest level of environmental protection on a construction site.
  • An incredibly durable, 3-layer composite geotextile designed to replace 24” and 32” Compost Filter Sock
  • Combined highest sediment retention rate and highest seepage rate ever seen in a fencing geotextile
  • Comparable installed price to super silt fence; incredibly fast installation
  • Functions as a dynamic filter ponder, while core material eradicates construction site pollutants

Structural Design

  • Oak stakes with construction-grade staples
  • Integrated anti-push spades for stake stability
  • Strong 3-layer composite means no wire backer
  • Highly resistant to blinding, punctures, and tears

Other Benefits

  • Installs with just a skid steer trenching attachment
  • Grabs hydrocarbons and other viscous pollutants
  • True 12-18 month functional longevity
  • For use on pipelines, powerlines, brownfield sites, and in any quality watershed (HQ and EV)