Plug Valves

Plug ValvesReduces pumping costs with long service life

Plug valves – using a round port design – offer less resistance to fluid flow. Less fluid resistance results in a longer service life along with reduced pumping costs. Larger port design allows for reduced plugging and less pressure drop. 


Plug Valve Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Reduced pumping costs
  • Less pressure drops
  • Higher pressure classes available


  • 0.5” – 72” Diameter
  • Pressure Classes from 150 to 175 psi
  • Delivered to Your Specification


  • Wastewater
  • General Industrial Use
  • Potable Water

Plug Valve Products

  • 3-Way Plug Valves
  • 4-Way Plug Valves
  • Pump Check Valves

Plug Valve Resources and Product Information

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