Valve Boxes

Valve BoxesFaster installations with reduced maintenance costs

Valve boxes not only reduce the need for maintenance but also can make future installation quicker and less time consuming. Crafted from high-grade cast iron, valve boxes are built in both a two-piece and a three-piece style. 

Available in both screw style and slip style adjustment types, they make any adjustments quick and painless.

Valve Box Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Lower cost / increased flow capacity
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Wide Range of Sizes to Accommodate Many Valves and Controls
  • Iron and PVC Materials
  • Meets ASTM A48
  • Delivered to Your Specification


  • Municipal Water
  • Municipal Sewer

Valve Box Products

  • 2-Piece and 3-Piece CI Valve Box
  • Drip Boxes
  • Cast Iron Roadway Boxes
  • Specialty Lids
  • Paving Risers
  • Debris Traps
  • Accessories
  • Service Parts

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