AutoGun Reading Device

TouchRead® 6590 AutoGun Reading DeviceFlexible data collection

The Sensus TouchRead® Model AG6590 AutoGun is a multifunction, versatile meter reading device designed to reach hard to read meters. The AutoGun provides on-site electronic meter interrogation from TouchRead® System equipped meters. It can be used as a standalone reading device or can be connected to a Sensus handheld device (FL6500, AR5500) or Trimble Nomad for reading Sensus and other register encoders. The AutoGun can also pull iPERL® interval data when connected to handheld devices.


TouchRead® 6590 AutoGun Benefits

  • Improves Meter Reading Accuracy
  • Automates meter reading process
  • Enables wire-free meter reading
  • Retrieves iPERL interval data
  • Minimizes your exposure to hazardous or challenging environments


  • Rugged Outer Case
  • Rechargable NiCad Battery


  • Data Collection

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