Inside Meter Settings

Inside meter settings save money in the long run with only a modest initial investment. They simplify meter change outs and ensure correct meter positioning. Benefits are reducing meter wear and loss of accuracy, permanent electrical bonding with no need for a separate bonding strap, and protection from pipe strain. These setters also cut the amount of time necessary to install the meter, saving a considerable amount of labor cost.

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For metering new services

Designed for use with new installations, this option can be adapted to most inside meter setting situations. Pipe ends or swivels are available for many types of connections and in a wide range of sizes. The Copperhorn is one of the most popular inside setters.

  • Ease of installation
    Eliminates meter couplings and reduces pipe fittings and joints
  • Negligible pressure loss
    Smooth, full-diameter bends in the copper tubing
  • Easy meter replacement
    No disturbing existing plumbing
  • An attractive, professional-looking installation
    Does not detract from the appearance of finished basements or utility rooms
  • Fits any metering system
    Can be fitted with a ball valve inlet and/or check valve outlet connection
Valve Copperhorn

Valve Copperhorns

For metering new services

The Valve Copperhorn is a desirable meter setting when it is advantageous to have a convenient and easily operated valve for customer use. The Valve Copperhorn incorporates a high-quality compression valve as an integral part of the setter body and can be used as an inlet valve or an outlet valve, depending on how the setter is installed.



For metering new or existing services

An inside meter setting device with integral compression connections. It is designed to be installed in vertical basement or utility room piping and can be used in new plumbing installations or in existing service lines. Compression connections eliminate the need to thread, flare or solder pipe, but do require that the pipe be shifted out of alignment slightly when installed in existing lines. It is essential that a careful survey be made of the types and sizes of piping to be encountered.


For metering existing services

Using removable compression assemblies, any Kornerhorn can be adapted to connect to iron pipe, copper tubing or plastic pipe, with no threading, flaring or soldering. Little or no changes need to be made in existing plumbing. Meter couplings, pipe fittings, and electrical bonding devices are not required. Electrical bonding is achieved through the clamping/set screw mechanism of the pack joint nut or the gripper ring of the grip joint nut.

  • Adaptable for many applications
    Correct water meter position in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Interchangeable compression assembly system
    Eliminates the usual pipe survey prior to the meter installation
  • Meters can be installed in most locations in a matter of minutes


For metering existing services

Pretzelhorns provide easy installation of a meter in a short run of horizontal pipe or where space is crowded by gas or drain pipes, water heaters, or other equipment. Pretzelhorns can be turned to place the meter either to the right or left of the cut-out section and can be installed in 7-1/2" of pipe. Compression assembly or solder connections available for Pretzelhorns are identical to those offered for Kornerhorns.



For metering existing services

The Drophorn simplifies the installation of a meter in buildings where the water line is near the basement or utility room ceiling. It eliminates major piping changes and saves time and money. Drophorns are made to order in lengths of 18", 24", 30", 36", 42" or longer and are available in two types: in line and right angle. Drophorns are connected to the pipe with removable pack joint or other compression or solder connections, the same as Kornerhorns and Pretzelhorns.

Basement Resetter

Basement Resetters

For metering existing services

The Basement Resetter corrects services that have their meter installed in an incorrect position and combats rapid wear of the piston or disc, which causes an under-registration of water usage. Spaced and sized to standard meter specs, Basement Resetters install in minutes. They hold the piping permanently in place and provide electrical bonding when the meter is removed. Meter changes are easy and trouble-free.

Wall Setter

Wall Setters

Tandem inside settings for special metering applications

Wall Setters are designed to allow a utility to install a meter and a pressure regulator in a single setting. Each end of the Wall Setter body has 3/4" male iron pipe threads for a variety of couplings, valves and check valves.

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