Mainline Propeller Water Meter

Mainline Propeller meters (Model 101/102) are primarily intended for accountability measurement of potable and non-potable cold water with flow in one direction only. Registration accuracy is 100% ± 2% of actual throughput within specified normal flow ranges. Because all appropriate parts are sealed for protection, the meters can be used in water containing particulate solids (such as sand), without causing undue wear.

Mainline Propeller meters are available in weld-on, clamp-on, plain tube and flanged end styles for applications where accountability rather than revenue is a factor. Typical applications include pump discharge, fresh water treatment plant measurement, sewage treatment plant effluent and chemical feed control. Available with Electronic Rate of Flow (E-ROFI) registers.

Mainline Propeller Water Meter Benefits

  • Can be installed at any convenient angle from horizontal to vertical
  • Allows continuous operation
  • Reduces maintenance costs


  • 3” size: round, AWWA 150 Class
  • 4”—12” sizes: round, AWWA Class D
  • 14”—36” sizes: round, AWWA 150 Class


  • Meets AWWA Standard C704
  • Available in 3” to 36” sizes
  • Operates within cold water up to 100°F (38°C)
  • All appropriate parts are sealed for protection to prevent undue wear
  • Available with a standard sealed mechanical register (Model 111) or a sealed Electronic Rate of Flow Instrument and Transmitter—E-ROFI (Model 112)
  • 100 ± 2% accuracy of actual flow within specified normal and intermittent flow ranges
  • 150 psi (10 bar) working pressure maximum
  • E-ROFI or high-speed pickup registers can interface with Sensus Act-Pak instruments

Mainline Propeller Water Meter Applications

  • High Flows
  • Treatment Plants
  • Pump Stations
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Irrigation Applications
  • Non Billing—Accountability
  • Raw or Potable Water

Mainline Propeller Water Meter Resources and Product Information

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