SR II® Water Meter

The SR II® magnetic-drive, positive-displacement meters use an oscillating piston. This feature provides superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications. The SR II meters are part of our smart-water network utility management solution. They are accurate, reliable, and sustainable residential water meters that meet the evolving needs of utilities.

The meters’ design includes:

  • A high-quality, low-lead cast bronze main case
  • Dual inlet ports
  • A patented bottom-plate
  • A streamlined flow pattern

Together, these components provide lasting measurement accuracy and years of dependable service.

The Sensus® Electronic Register+™ is an advanced electronic register with 120 days of hourly data logging with 30-day data pull intervals available. The Electronic Register+ has several available smart alarms so you can get alerts and address issues before they become more costly. These alarms include tampering, low battery, customer leak, reverse flow, and high flow. For additional information about these alarms, please download the data sheet.

SR II meters integrate seamlessly with the FlexNet® communication network, offering water utilities a wide range of remote system management options via their two-way communication architecture.

Now you can automate meter reading and a variety of field operations. You can monitor distribution lines for leaks and educate customers with information through home area networks. A meter and SmartPoint® combination also allows you to use FlexNet walk-by, drive-by or fixed-base systems.

SR II® Water Meter Benefits

  • Enable more cost-effective, accurate meter readings
  • Deliver a wide range of flows
  • Environmental and public health conscience
  • Integrate seamlessly with the FlexNet SmartPoint® module
  • Tamper resistant
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide lasting measurement accuracy for years of dependable service


  • 5/8” (DN 15mm), 3/4” (DN 20mm), and 1” (DN 25mm) sizes
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Annex G/F compliant

SR II® Water Meter Features

  • Positive displacement measurement
  • Sensus Electronic Register+ advanced electronic register
  • Unique bonnet design and locking system prevent meter tampering
  • Constructed of low-lead bronze materials
  • AMR/AMI compatible
  • Hydrodynamically balanced piston
  • Hermetically sealed, magnetic drive register
  • Rate of flow indication
  • Configurable LCD display
  • Remote reading unit optional

SR II® Water Meter Applications

  • Positive Displacement Measurement
  • Residential and Light Commercial Applications
  • AMR / AMI Compatible
  • Remote Reading
  • Tamper Resistance

SR II® Water Meter Resources and Product Information

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