Casing Spacers and End Seals

Casing Spacers and End SealsDesigned for water, sewer, oil, and gas applications.

Casing spacers and end seals provide a cost-effective system to insulate and protect pipe. Installed without the need for grease or special tools and built using high-quality steel and PVC, they offer high corrosion resistance.


Casing Spacer and End Seal Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install in the field
  • Long life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electrically insulated
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Stainless or Carbon Steel and PVC Construction
  • Fusion Bonded Carbon Steel Available
  • Centered, Non-centered, Restrained, Clear Bell, and Equal Leg Configurations
  • Perform  to -20 to +225 °F
  • 3" to 120" Diameters Available
  • Up to ASTM D-149, D-695, D-790, D-638, D-651, D-256, D-570


  • Water, Sewer, Oil, Gas
  • Bridge Crossings
  • Subaqueous Crossings
  • Municipal Water

Casing Spacer and End Seal Products

  • PVC Casing Spacers
  • Stainless Casing Spacers
  • Carbon Steel Casing Spacers
  • Poly Casing Spacers

Casing Spacer and End Seal Resources and Product Information

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