540 Technologies™ Announces Participation in Water Conservation Month

Florida-based movement brings awareness to the importance of conserving the precious resource

April 01, 2020

540 Technologies, a comprehensive Smart City environmental and data solutions provider, announced today its participation in the state of Florida’s Water Conservation Month by calling upon each water utility, citizen and business to help protect our precious resource. First recognized in 1998, Florida’s Water Conservation Month takes place in April, one of the driest months for the state.

In a proclamation written by Shawn Pulford, CEO of 540 Technologies, he advocated increased awareness and practice of water-saving measures. Pulford and 540 Technologies’ Jesse Morris, a Technical Sales Consultant for the company in Florida, will lead the charge.

“With the world’s population fast approaching 8 billion, this issue becomes one of resource management,” Morris said. “It is our duty — to ourselves, our planet and those that come after us — to conserve this precious resource that all living things need to survive.”

According to reports, 6 billion gallons of drinkable water are lost each day in the United States. By bringing together leading-edge technology solutions, deep industry roots and powerful partnerships, 540 Technologies is working to change that.

The company helps utilities monitor and manage water distribution networks, wastewater and storm water systems. The products it sells are among the most effective for leak detection. Through its product lines and industry trainings, 540 Technologies consistently champions the importance of water conservation.

In Florida, 540 Technologies works with utilities including Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer, OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission) and St. Petersburg Water Resources.

“We’re proud to be working with the state of Florida and water management districts across the state to bring awareness to this incredibly crucial cause,” Morris said. “While it’s good to shine a light on the problem each April, water conservation should be a year-round effort.”