Fusion Equipment Rental

Fusion Equipment RentalRedesigned, Re-engineered & Re-tooled Fusion Equipment.

A full line-up of rugged, dependable machines, fusion equipment, and accessories. Higher level of quality, with more sophisticated functionality and improved designs. Rugged and dependable butt fusion equipment allows you to make high-quality, specification joints on virtually any size of HDPE pipe.

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Fusion Rental

Fusion Equipment Rental Benefits

  • Manual
  • Hydraulically driven
  • Hand powered
  • Electric powered
  • Self-contained
  • Close quarters


  • ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates
  • Thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs
  • Narrow clamp design
  • Serrated jaws and inserts
  • Patented Centerline Guidance System


  • HDPE Pipe Joints

Fusion Equipment Rental Products

  • Butt Fusion Machines
  • Heating Tools
  • Squeeze Tools
  • Socket Fusion Tools
  • Fusion Fittings

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