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540 Technologies™ Helps Public and Private Utilities and Other Entities Manage Networks with Data-Driven Solutions

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SELINSGROVE, Pa. –  540 Technologies™, an environmental and data solutions provider that works with utility systems and other companies to help them become more efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible, recently added pipe diagnostics, smart lighting and smart grid solutions to its offerings.

The company – which launched in March under the name FlowNetworx to offer solutions, expertise and training in water-loss management as well as wastewater metering and monitoring – is now doing business as 540 Technologies™ to better reflect the company’s growing smart city portfolio. In addition to its services and solutions for water leak detection, leak pinpointing, water pressure control, data acquisition and management, wastewater metering and monitoring and waterflow measuring for district metered areas, 540 Technologies™ now provides expertise in smart streetlighting, smart electric metering and assessment of underground water infrastructure. 


LB Water Holds Customer Appreciation Day & Open House

Johnstown Training

As part of its ongoing commitment to educational training for its customers, and in partnership with the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association, Selinsgrove-based LB Water presented a six-credit, continuing-education program at the Highland Sewer & Water Authority.

The program’s morning session featured a speed-training format, in which groups of 8 to 11 participants rotated through five presentations about building a water-distribution system. LB Water previously presented the class at the association’s annual conference in 2014 and 2016.
The afternoon presentation, “Counting Every Drop & Understanding Water Loss,” covered details and best practices of leak detection and proper water-metering techniques.

 “Our employees and other attendees benefitted immensely from the hands-on training instructed by the LB Water Staff,” said Jeremy Horvath, assistant manager, Highland Sewer & Water Authority. “The real-life set up with the actual pipes, valves, fittings, and accessory kits was a great means to learn about the correct ways to install and maintain pipes within a water system.”

“The classes are designed to review basic fundamentals and bring new technology and techniques to the waterworks industry,” said Ben Reichley, LB Water’s marketing manager. “At LB Water, our personnel have the product and application knowledge to present classes that bring this information to our customers and other attendees. Partnering with PRWA enables us to reach a broad base of waterworks personnel and allows them to receive certifications they need to do their jobs.”

Presenters included Josh Dickert, Nate Smith, and Leonard Chattaway from LB Water’s Ebensburg facility, as well as John Brutz and Sam DeCara from the company’s meter team. There were 48 participants who attended the program, which was held December 5, 2016.

LB Water Holds Training Seminar for York Water Company

York Training

As part of its ongoing commitment to educational training for its customers, and in partnership with waterworks-tool company Reed Manufacturing of Erie, Selinsgrove-based LB Water held a waterworks training day at the York Water Company on December 8, 2016. 

The LB Water training featured product demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on learning about proper product applications and included specifications for and installation of ductile pipe, mechanical-joint fittings, couplings and repair couplings. LB Water presenters, representing the company’s Chambersburg and Selinsgrove locations, included Nate Elliott, Walt VanNuys and Ben Reichley.

Tom Fess of Reed Manufacturing presented various new waterworks tools and demonstrated pipe tapping with assistance from the program’s attendees.

“At LB Water, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to hold these training seminars,” said Walt VanNuys, who has 44 years of industry experience. “The classes review basic fundamentals and also introduce new technology and techniques to the waterworks industry.”

LB Water Holds Customer Appreciation Day & Open House

Frederick Traning

LB Water hosted a customer appreciation day and open house on October 27, 2016 at its Geoffrey Way facility. Customers and guests had the opportunity to participate in interactive demonstrations of some of the latest innovations in waterworks and infrastructure products, including smart-metrology systems, leak-detection devices and water-treatment products, as well as the latest pipe, valve, hydrant and environmentally friendly waterworks products.
A total of 175 people attended the open house, including 20 of LB Waters’ vendor partners. The event enabled waterworks providers and the end users of their products to engage in discussions. LB Water’s Frederick facility includes 15,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and more than eight acres of inventory storage.

“This is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for our customers and open our facility to guests and our vendor partners,” said Bryan Avery, Frederick Location Manager. “It allows us to interact, not only on a business level, but on a social level, as well. We value all who took the time to visit us.”

LB Water Expands Inventory of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Products

2016 HDPE Expansion PR

HDPE fusible pipe has a variety of unique properties that make it an ideal solution for waterworks infrastructure.

LB Water has completed an expansion at its Ebensburg location to accommodate an extensive increase in HDPE Fusible Pipe and Fittings. The additional two acres will address the requests from customers to make a bigger commitment and quickly service their HDPE needs in a timely manner.

LB Water’s delivery fleet of more than 40 trucks have been upgraded to transport the 40- and 50- foot lengths of HDPE stick pipe and the 100- to 500-foot HDPE coiled pipe.

The expansion of inventory is supplemented by LB Water’s fleet of HDPE fusion equipment (butt-fusion & electro-fusion) for rent or purchase. LB’s fleet of 26 machines offer options of track and wheeled machines to handle 1” - 18” including 10 electro-fusion machines. The larger machines are rented with an option of an enclosed cargo trailers with ramps for customer convenience. LB Water also offers fusion equipment training.

“The combination of available inventory and fusion equipment enhances our capabilities to consistently serve the demands of our customers,” said Shawn Pulford, chief executive officer of LB Water. “Remember, at LB Water we make water work, now we make HDPE work!”

HDPE fusible products have a variety of unique properties that make it an ideal solution for a variety of uses. Because of its flexibility, the number of fittings needed is often reduced. Recent technical advances have shown using HDPE products in waterworks projects reduces installation costs, improves flow capacity, and increases corrosion resistance to water and soils.